High Density Polyethylene Pipe for Spray Irrigation, with Gira-Pak mechanical joint system without thermofusion, presents a very versatile and complete piping system for this market, Extrupak-Riego.


Irrigation system

  • ASTM-771


  • ISO 9001:2000


  • Greater Impact Resistance:
    With Extrupak-Irrigation there is no risk of material damage due to fractures or knocks in storage, loading, unloading or installation. It is extremely resistant to crushing to the degree that it can withstand the passage of a tractor.
  • Simple and Reliable Coupling System:
    The exclusive union of the Extrupak-Irrigation system, apart from being very simple and easy to carry out, is very reliable and hermetic. It also allows the draining of the pipe when the flow is cut off. At the same time, it has two different pressure or SDR categories which facilitate the designer to be more efficient when selecting the tube that will be used in the system. Resists up to 9.0 kgf / cm2 of internal pressure using SDR 13.5 (128 psi.) And in the case of using SDR 17 it can support 7.0 kgf/cm2 (99.54 psi.). It also achieves a mechanical strength at the joint point of 180 kgs which allows to drag a line once it has been assembled.
  • Compatibility with other Systems:
    The Extrupak-Irrigation system is compatible with the starting elbows used in aluminum systems.
  • Complete System:
    The Extrupak-Irrigation system is offered in diameters that are 2 1/2″ and 4″ and in sections of lengths 6.10 and 9.15 meters; besides having the necessary fittings such as elbows, tees, plugs, crosses and adapters to start elbows in aluminum, also has special pieces.
  • Minors Lost by Friction:
    Extrupak-Irrigation is extremely smooth, has a roughness factor of 0.009 according to Manning or a C-150 according to Hazen & Williams. That allows you the most effective conduction of the fluids and at the same time it gives you an important saving of energy in the use of the pump, during the whole useful life of the pipe.

Resistance to the Weather:

  • Extrupak-Irrigation is inert to the action of most chemical agents that use fertilizers.
    As the Extrupak-Irrigation pipe is not electrically conductive, there is no corrosion due to electrolysis, it also does not favor the growth of fungi or other microorganisms or the incrustation of the solids present in the water.
  • Usable with Ferti-Irrigation Equipment:
    Extrupak-Irrigation is resistant to the different chemicals used in ferti-irrigation since it is a material totally inert to acids, bases or alkalis. High density polyethylene is widely used in the chemical industry, for this reason it exceeds the expectations in the use of fertilizer supplements in irrigation waters
  • Longer service life
    The Extrupak-Irrigation system has a longer life than traditional metal systems, this gives greater operating time than other traditional systems.


  • Greater resistance to impact or voluntary mistreatment / abuse
  • Longer life
  • Resistance to the inclement weather
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistant to chemical attack and incrustations
  • Simple and reliable coupling system (faster than other systems)
  • Compatibility with other irrigation systems
  • Usable in ferti-irrigation equipment
  • Minor losts by friction (making more efficient the energy used by the pumps)

Steps of the coupling process

  • Place the polyethylene adapter to the starting elbow and secure it with its hook
  • Insert the pin inside the Gira Pak coupling and verify that the arrow on the pin is facing upwards when performing its rotation (it is important that the Gira Pak coupling and the tang are perfectly aligned when inserting them)
  • Place the elevator by screwing it into the coupling Gira Pak
  • At the end with the connection of all the sides and their elevators, place the plug in the last coupling Gira Pak

Nota: SDR 13.5 supports a maximum pressure of 9.0 kgf / cm2 (128 psi)
RD 17 supports a maximum pressure of 7.0 kgf / cm2 (99.54 psi)
Both SDR´s are designed with a safety factor of 4.