Generally we use resin PE 4710  and occasionally PE 100.

No really, because those two resins 3408 and 3608, are increasingly falling into disuse due to the high performance of PE 4710 and PE 100

We manufacture smooth HDPE pipe, IPS, Type II, from 1/2 “to 36” nominal outside diameter and with SDR from 7.0 to 41.0, either black or co-extruded.

We do not fabricate PVC.

We do not fabricate corrugated HDPE pipe at this time.

We have some equipment for rent, depending of availability of the cars and tooling in plant.

Yes and we can deliver them together with the product.

We have several, but among others we can mention the follows:
ISO-9001-2015, FM Approvals, CONAGUA, CERTIMEX, EMA.

From 4 to 22 inches in diameter in class 150 and 200 (pipe and fittings);
Of 8, 10 and 12 inches in diameter in class 267  (single pipe).

Yes, only for sprinkler irrigation in 2 1/2 and 4 inches in diameter.

We have several pipes presentations ….

  • In tubing for potable water and drainage from 1/2 to 36 inches in diameter and SDR from 7 – 41.
  • In pipe for irrigation systems, only for sprinkler irrigation, in 2½ and 4 inches in diameter.
  • In gas pipe, from ½ to 12 inches in diameter and SDR´s: 9, 11 and 13.5
  • In pipe for fire networks of 4 to 22 inches in diameter and SDR´s: 7, 9 y 11.

Up to 36 Inches, IPS system, Type II.

Potable water, drainage, oil & gas, mining, fire network, sprinkler irrigation.

By joint of butt fusion.

  • Mainly straight sections in several lengts, for national market mainly 10 and 12 meters;
  • For exportation 48 and 50 Ft, both markets with several SDR´s.
  • Also it is possible to produce coils since ½” to 3 “ diameter, and several SDR´s like 7, 9, 11
  • And lengths since 100, 150 lineal meters for domestic market; 500 and 1000 Ft for exportation.

Monterrey, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Villahermosa, Tabasco.

Yes, 100% crush even with “live” line.


Yes and it is certified by the EMA.

Yes, molded and fabricated both of them to be joined by butt fusion.

  • Lightness
  • Longer life
  • Greater resistance to impact, without suffering fracture or deformation).
  • Crushing resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Butt fusion joint
  • Fittings in HDPE
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Compatibility with other systems
  • It requires little excavation.
  • Without filling of bank material.
  • As a system, (product plus installation), it represents a more economical solution.